Tuesday, July 22, 2008

USA-NKF National Tournament 2008 Houston

We just got back from Houston for Jake's karate tournament and he brought home two gold medals! YEH! He worked so hard for this and got the gold medal in his open division and his team won gold as well. Next on his list will be the national tournament next year and maybe the World Shotokan Championships in Mexico next year as well! We are so proud of him! Go Jake!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Summer

The Cartmell's are having a busy summer! Jake is training for a karate tournament in July about 5-6 days a week and Luke is having fun with friends, playing football and some basketball! Todd is busy as usual and I just got back from an incredible trip to Haiti. Pics soon to follow!
Happy July 4th! I never realized how fortunate we are to live here until I went to Haiti for a week! God Bless America!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I cried yesterday and today 5 times!

I know this is a Cartmell blog, but since I'm the mom and I'm the only one who posts anything...I thought I'd share this little tid bit!
I came home from a very trying day in ICU with my nursing school clinicals....a patient who is my age and kids and husband and job and life and parents AND she's not doing well at all! (my first cry!) I went to the mailbox and leafed through the mail....only to find our very first letters from colleges addressed to our 15 year old son! I'm sure my face made some sort of twitch and I actually had to sit down and see if this was really true! I talked to these letters and told them to leave him alone! He's only 15 and only a sophmore and my baby! (Second cry!) Went to check emails and the high school guidance counselor emailed to tell Todd and I that we had such a great son and she usually only contacts parents because their kids are problems and she felt like letting us know what a great kid we have! (Major 3rd cry!...was a happy cry) Today I cried again with the family of my patient in ICU as they discussed end of life issues together! (How can you NOT cry! #4) Then today I sent this same child on a fancy charter bus with 180 other high schoolers to Disney World! A hotel with his 3 best friends, Disney, his friend (not the hotel room), a 3 pound box of Cheez-its and all the Sweedish Fish you can eat! (In the car, crying alone, that he's going to have so much fun and I get to study for the weekend! #5)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jake and Marly

This is Jake and his new girl friend Marly before a progressive dinner. January 2008
She's a sweetie!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Florida Christmas

Look how these pale skinned Chicago guys match the sand!! HEE!

We spent Christmas in Florida visiting Todd's family. Sunny and beautiful! This is a picture of all the Cartmell men. (L to R) Don, Rodney, Jake, Luke and Todd. What a group!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas 2007

No Christmas letter this year going snail mail!!!.....for those of you who dared to turn over the Christmas card picture and saw that we have this little blog…this is for you!

Todd- the main man…the big daddy….the “heart doctor” (as Luke used to call him when he was 4 years old)- really busy with his practice in Wheaton, Summit Clinical Services. He’s been there since 1996. We are so proud of him as he continues to change kids and families lives. He still speaks to different groups and churches quite a bit, but has slowed down on the writing thing for a while. He’s trying to play the piano a “tiny” (and I mean tiny) bit more at church. He still has the chops! Don't forget to check out www.drtodd.net. I will be married to him 20 years this June and couldn't have made a better pick! Love him more each day! Also the best dad in the entire world!

Lora- well…since I’m actually the one writing this about myself…I can be completely honest with you….I’m not sure how I’m passing nursing school but I am. I graduate and will be able to take the boards to be an RN in May. Who’d a thunk it? Most of my life, with the exception of being a wife and mom, have been put on hold as I probably put in about 40-45 hours a week in clinical hours and studies. I just finished my OB/GYN rotation at the hospital…..what a blast helping little people come into this world! New dads are HILARIOUS! I wonder if Todd was like that when Jake was born? I will do a cardiac/critical care rotation after the holiday break…I’m very much looking forward to that one. I spend many hours with my flash cards sitting on the sidelines of either a football game, basketball game or a karate tournament. I LOVE it!

Jake (15)- This child has become the best young man any parents could ask for (besides his brother too!) He has remained on the A/B honor roll, he is in the top two choirs at GHS, he just got his black belt in Shotokan karate and made the part of Johnny Casino in the Spring GHS musical Grease! “Born to Hand Jive Baby!” Jake is involved in a couple of different youth groups and has the coolest and greatest friends that we love having around our house. The house is never quiet with Jake around. So funny and makes our house a better place. This Christmas is his first with a “girlfriend”. She’s a sweetie and I think he’s a pretty good boyfriend from what we hear J

Luke (13)- What to say about Luke?….we call him the "straight man" to Jake.... constantly dry and so funny! He still has the softest heart and can’t talk about starving children anywhere without him tearing up and yet a very tough athlete. He had the privilege of being the quarterback for the 7th grade football team at GMSS this year. Loved every minute of it even though they didn’t have a great season. He will continue this whole QB thing with camps and QB training this summer. He has an amazing arm! The basketball season started as soon as football was over and he plays for the school team and a very busy travel team as well. Right now he plays basketball 7 days a week…..no joke! Also on the A/B honor roll, though he'd rather be playing sports than going to school. He also has a great group of friends that we thank God for every day. Our house is full of boys a lot of the time! If I make cookies…..they will come! He is the same height as Jake as of right now and will pass him up soon. He can’t wait for that!

I will try and keep this little blog up every so often, so check back for updates and new pics! We’re on our way to sunny Florida for Christmas this year to be with Todd’s family. We are blessed beyond belief to have such wonderful families and friends!

Love to all! He came into this world to die for us! We don’t deserve it!

Meet me in St. Louis, Drury Lane Theater, Oakbrook, IL

Papa and Gram took us to see 'Meet Me in St. Louis' at Drury Lane Theater in Oakbrook, IL. We had fun! Gram has pneumonia in this picture...she probably should have stayed home....she looks good for pneumonia! HEE!

Merry Christmas from the Cartmell family

For unto us a Savior is born!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December 2007

Jake (15) and Luke (13)
So glad these brothers have each other!
We are blessed to have them as our boys!

Luke's 13 th bday party

We celebrated Luke's 13th birthday in September. These boys are crazy! :)